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I am looking for windows for my 1890 home, do you have windows like my current ones?

Yes, we make windows to look just like the ones you have. We use the measurements you give us to build them to fit into your current openings. If the jambs need to be replaced, we can build new jambs as well.

I am building onto my home and would like the windows in the addition to look like the windows in the rest of the house, can you do that?

Yes, we can make them the same size, shape and lite configuration. The sash molding profiles will probably be pretty close too. We also provide the jambs to fit the rough openings.

How much do your windows cost?

We have been told that our Magnum window is a bit less than the best Pella and Marvins, and our Ultima is a bit more. Our clients love us, not because of the price, but for the historicity we provide. Size, as well as options such as glass type, lite configuration and geometric shapes, will have a significant impact on the price.

Do you have a showroom near me?

We do not have a showroom, dealers or sales reps. When you call Heirloom Windows you will most likely talk to the owner who is the one making your windows and overseeing your project as our craftsmen continue to work on it.

Have you done any jobs in my area?

It is possible that we have windows in your state or nearby. We have several on the East Coast but many have also gone to California, Texas, Iowa, Missouri, Tennessee, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and others.

May I have some references from work you have previously done?

Certainly, once we know what you are wanting for your project, we can connect you with customers having similar windows/situations.

I live in a historic district and my windows need to be replaced. Will your windows be approved by my historic governing association?

There is no blanket answer to this question. We can say that Heirloom windows have frequently been approved by HPC’s and if yours will allow any replacement, Heirloom’s should be approved. HPC’s often require 100% wood and Heirloom windows are just that.

How do I get the windows to my house?

For most of the projects, we use a trucking brokerage to find trucks going to your area. We provide them the shipping details then connect the two of you to make the arrangements. In some instances, customers that live within a few hours of us will come to our shop and pick up the windows themselves. And occasionally it makes sense for us to deliver the windows to you (especially if you live near any of our grandchildren!) The shipping cost depends on the weight and size of the crate(s) and the distance.

Do you install or have anyone in my area that can do the installing?

We do not routinely install any windows. Our specialty is in making them! Professional contractors or advanced DIY’ers should be able to install Heirloom Windows. The system was designed with homeowners in mind. We will send a brief installation guide and will provide as much support as desired to whomever is working with them.

Do you have a video to show how to install the windows?

At this time, we do not, but certainly would like to have one to offer. In the meantime, we do have a very simple, basic installation guide on our website.

How long does it take to install the windows?



How long does it take to make the windows?

It doesn’t take very long to “make” the windows. It’s a question of how many projects we have in cue before yours. We are a small shop and do not work around the clock. Lead time is also a function of the type of glass you desire. Some IG units and restoration glass can be made in weeks and others as long as 12 -14 weeks. So, what current projects are in the shop and your glass choices are the determining factors. It may be as short as three weeks or as long as eight weeks after we receive your glass.

We’re interested, what do we do next?

Please fill out our contact form, so we can have your info with the rest of our clients and reach out to you via email or phone.
Meanwhile, be thinking about a few questions we’ll be asking:

  1. Do you plan use your existing jambs? If so, our replacement sash system is the solution for you. If not, we’ll build new sash and jambs.
  2. What kind of glass do you want?
  3. Know your lite configuration. Do you want muntins? (dividers like 6/6, 6/1, 1/1, representing the number of panes in each sash, upper and lower)
  4. Know the approximate size of each window. See our measure instructions and the measuring sheet to complete.
  5. Know approximate quantity of windows you need.
  6. Are there other things that makes your windows unique, like round or arched top, or different sized upper and lower sash? We need to know these things to help with pricing.

After we review all this information, we can work up an estimate for you. And if we have all the details we can provide a contract/proposal very quickly.

What kind of warranty is there on the windows?

Under most residential circumstances, our glass manufactures provide a 10-year warranty. The window product, including the other materials and workmanship will also be warranted for 10 years.

What about screens?

There are several screen options…

  • Most people are content with expandable portable screens placed under the lower sash when it’s open.
  • A company called has a great proprietary product that works well. We need to know in advance to prepare the sash/jambs to coordinate.
  • Magnetic screen frames

Do your windows tilt out?

No, tilt sash requires visible vinyl jamb liners that most of our clients find objectionable. We build Heirloom Windows in the traditional manner, designed for permanent interior stops.

Do your windows include the latches/locks?

No. Many of our clients want to reuse their existing hardware or want a nice restoration version. There are too many options to stock, so we leave that to their discretion. Same applies to trim packages.

Do you make storm windows? What about doors?

We can make wooden storm windows and doors. However, we are set up to make windows and change over is problematic. If there are several doors or storms in a project it makes some sense but just one or two units is price prohibitive. We tell our clients that if they can get a door from from a big box store it will be a better value than we can provide. But, if it can’t be found elsewhere we can do it.

We would like wavy glass. Can you provide that?

Yes. We have several options of glass available. Wavy glass can go in as monolithic (single pane) or as the exterior lite of an IG unit (dual pane). We have other glass options as well. Check out our Glass Products page.

Can you do True Divided Lite (TDL)?

Yes. However, these are significantly more labor intensive and priced accordingly. See our discussion of TDL / SDL to help you decide.

How are the windows balanced? Do we use our ropes and pulleys?

We typically use a Constant Force Balance System CFB, which is a stainless-steel coil in various tensions (a bit like a tape measure). There are no moving parts and they are very compact. Your balance cavities can be insulated since ropes and weights are no longer needed. See Balances Page.

If however, ropes, pulleys and weights are mandatory for your project we can discuss the option.

What is the difference between your “Magnum” and “Ultima” windows?

The main difference is the glass system. The “Magnum” window is fitted with standard Insulated Glass (IG). On the other hand, the Ultima uses Vacuum Insulated Glass (VIG) or monolithic glass.

The advantages of Ultima over the Magnum is the thickness. The Magnum units require some slight jamb modification as well as jamb liners to install the replacement sash system. This is due to making the sash thicker to accommodate the thicker IG so the frame looks like the original.

Conversely, the Ultima is the same thickness as your original sash because it has a thin piece of glass in it, thus eliminating the need for jamb liners or jamb modifications.

Do you paint/stain the windows?

Yes, we can. The basic price includes priming both sides for the painted windows. Further finishing is available for a fee per sash.

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