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Spacia Vacuum Insulated Glass (VIG)

VIG has changed everything regarding historic windows, old or new. We could spend many pages discussing it’s attributes but it would be easier to visit this site for all the details…

Insulated Glass (IG)

100% Warmer than Single Pane with Storm
Contrary to popular belief, the space between the glass is not vacuumed. If it were, the unit would be under constant stress and be more prone to fractures. What dries the air between the lites of glass is the desiccant and what seals the unit is the back fill. There are many possible configurations for an insulated glass unit but what they all have in common is…

IG Components

  • A spacer, whether it’s aluminum tube or aluminum channel, foam or butyl rubber stiffened with aluminum
  • A desiccant to absorb moisture from between the panes of glass
  • A sealant to enclose the spacer and desiccant in a separate atmosphere

We get the glass from

Monolithic Glass

Standard flow glass: this is one layer of typical glass. We buy our glass, both monolithic and IG from Indy Glass Center, Indianapolis, Indiana. They don’t have a website.

Restoration glass: Wavy glass is available in five levels of distortion made by Artisan Glassworks from Baltimore, MD.  Bill has put together a page with examples. I will attach it so you can include it on this page. We can do something else but this will hold that “place” until we decide. He just cut and pasted from their site examples. If we could do a good job of capturing the wavy glass, we do have two jobs in our shop right now.

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