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One Standard Weatherstripping Package Includes

Four Jamb Liner Sections (for one full jamb)
Four Fin Pile Carriers with their Fin Pile for sash vertical edges (Fin Pile length four times the jamb height)
Two Bulb Seal Retainers with their Bulb Seal for Head and Sill (Bulb Seal length four times the jamb width)
Two Lengths of Bulb Seal for both meeting rails (Bulb Seal length twice the jamb width)
One Sill Wrap
Two pieces of Sill Flashing
(everything shown above except constant force balance)


As we mentioned, fin pile is best for sliding/gliding applications (vertical travel) and bulb seal is best for compression applications (shutting the windows, horizontally). Because there is a significant difference in the cost of pile vs. bulb, the most accurate pricing method is to determine the height and width prices separately, then add them together.

At this point it’s not necessary to measure extremely accurately unless nearing one of the dimension price points. To determine the kit height, measure from the head jamb to the stool then add 1 1/2″ for the stool thickness and sill bevel (right). For width, measure from jamb side to jamb side (left).

Standard Pricing Schedule

Add jamb height price to jamb width price for total basic price per unit.

Constant Force Balance Option – Add $12.00 per sash set ($24.00 for upper and lower)

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