About Us

In 1993, Bill Hepburn and and his family moved into an 1890s Victorian farmhouse in Crawfordsville, Indiana, with historically accurate restoration in mind. They quickly discovered that the original 100-year-old windows were quite drafty, even with storm windows. Bill sought a permanent solution, with a list of criteria: the windows should be historically appropriate as well as air-tight, with insulated glass, and open and close easily. He soon found that none of the major manufacturers of replacement windows offered historic wood windows, nor the right kind of insulated glass.

Bill began to investigate building his own window- one that would offer a historic appearance, but with contemporary performance. In order to make room for insulated glass, he "designed the window from the inside out," ending up with a thicker design. The resulting "Magnum" window includes insulated glass as well as the deep profiles characteristic of traditional windows. The outcome is a beautiful, traditional appearance with modern functionality. It was his fresh approach to a complicated process that allowed him to make some crucial innovations in the design of his high-performance reproduction windows.

Also, check out Bill Hepburn's WindowLogic Weatherstripping System, the ultimate weatherstripping kit for the historic wood window.