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Historic Wooden Windows

the most historically authentic wooden windows available

and at the same time

the most efficient wooden windows on the market

Welcome to Heirloom Windows!

When its time to replace the windows in historic properties, most people want a product that ensures the original character of the building will be preserved, and that’s Heirloom’s promise to you.

Whether you are replacing your existing sash, need a total window replacement, need replicas for your addition or your new, historically themed home, we slavishly reproduce all the subtle characteristics that define traditional windows. This makes them richer and more interesting than today’s off the shelf products, even those touted as “historic” by the big brands.

What type of product do you need?

New Construction

If you are building a room addition or a completely new home there’s no question that you will need “new construction” windows (see below), which are sash pre-hung in jambs.

Sash Replacement

However, If you are replacing your windows, the decision becomes a bit more complicated. If that’s the case, the first thing to determine is if the original jamb even exists. For original windows that have never been replaced, the question then just comes down to; are my jambs and sills in good enough shape to reuse or are they repairable. For many clients this is the case and it makes the whole process much easier and less expensive. Our replacement sash system will fit right into the existing jamb and is designed for a DIYer to accomplish in one to two hours per window (see below). If the original jambs are non-existent, or just too far gone to salvage, you’re back to “new construction” style windows.

Restoration Materials

Many clients tell us their window sash and jambs are in good shape but leaky and inefficient. Others are prohibited from replacing their windows by Historic Preservation or Neighborhood organizations. In either case, we can help.

Applying our “WINDOW LOGIC” historic window weather-stripping system to traditional window sash will make 100 year old windows as air-tight as brand new replacement windows. And if you want to take it all the way, and make your existing windows as efficient as contemporary units, we can provide super efficient, super thin glass to do so.


We called Heirloom Windows to create specific design for our historical downtown. They did a magnificent job.

Jane, Downtown Cambridge Historical Society

We couldn’t be more thrilled with our new vintage looking windows!

Ann, Cape Cod

I had been looking for someone to solve my window problem for years. I found Heirloom Windows when I finally used a different search engine. Bill was able to build replica windows replacing our 100 plus year old windows. He used modern technology, coupled with Indiana poplar and high tech cladding, and double pane insulated glass to exactly duplicate our ornate window design. He then installed them into the original frames using his “Window Logic weather stripping system. We have received many compliments on our new windows, which compliment our house so well. Bill is a true craftsman, who can be truly proud of his work and products.”

G. M.

I wanted to drop you a note about the gorgeous windows you custom created. They not only make the exterior appearance of the building more historically accurate, but the interior aesthetics are also greatly improved and particularly beautiful in the afternoon sunlight. Thank you for your craftsmanship, advice and workmanship.

Happy Client

Bill and Lois are miracle workers! Our windows are beautifully historic AND energy efficient.

Steve, Boston

The workmanship is incredible!

Mary Kraynak
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