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Vacuum Insulated Glass is the newest advancement in glazing technology. Just like standard Insulated Glass, Vacuum Insulated Glass utilizes two pieces of glass (usually one lite of 1/8" thick coated glass and one lite of 1/8" standard glass) spaced apart and sealed. However, the similarities end there. Unlike the standard IG with 1/4" - 1/2" between the lites, Vacuum Insulated Glass is separated by only 0.2 millimeters! The glass is then welded around the perimeter to seal it and the air evacuated and sealed creating an airless vacuum. The absence of matter between the glass makes for the perfect insulating space. This 1/4" thick Vacuum Insulated Glass panel is at least 50% more efficient than even a 1" thick standard Insulated Glass panel.

This reduction in glass thickness changes everything regarding historic windows, old or new. Spacia Vacuum Insulated Glass is virtually the same thickness as traditional monolithic glass which means that we can create highly efficient historic replica windows with dimensions that appear identical to traditional wood windows. In addition, when muntins are applied to both sides of the glass, they appear to be True Divided Lites regardless of how close you look!

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Vacuum Insulated GlassAdvantages

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Thin Glass

Thin and Efficient allows for more prominent historic details.

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Highly Efficient

Performance equal or better than standard insulated glass.

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Unlike any other historic replica windows on the market today.

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Historic Replica

Modern efficiency, indistinguishable from original windows.

How Vacuum Insulated Glass Works

Our own Bill Hepburn describes how our unique use of vacuum insulated glass sets our Ultima Windows apart from all other historic replica wood windows on the market today.