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Tudor Wood Window Features

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Tudor homes featured large floor plans, sometimes the size of half a city block. Tudor homes incorporate exposed wooden beams with stucco, stone, and sometimes decorative brick work on the home's exterior. Tudor windows are most casement or bay windows found on both first story and second story rooms. Tudor windows feature unique stained muntins usually creating an X or diamond pattern instead of a square pattern across the window. Heirloom Windows has the capability to create historic style muntins and window patterns that are identical to your original Tudor windows and perform with modern efficiency.

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Multiple Thin Glass Varietys

We offer a variety of glass types in any shape you need including; highly efficient and space saving Spacia Vacuum Insulated Glass, regular insulated glass, monolithic glass, and wavy glass.

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Wood Roman Ogee Profiles

There have only been a handful of predominant sash molding profiles from 1865 on. The most common profile and our standard is the “Roman Ogee”, while other profiles are available.

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Energy Efficient

Our use of insulated glass, our own Window Logic weather stripping system, and high quality constant force balancing systems provide the efficiency of modern windows with historical accuracy.

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Historically Accurate

We maintain historical aesthetics by setting glass 7/8″ deep into the sash from the interior to create a shadow line that helps provide character. Most modern manufacturers ignore this crucial detail.

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Heirloom Windows Decoration
We reproduce the subtle characteristics that define traditional windows while using modern energy efficient glass and wood technology.
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