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Quarter Inch Thick Cladding - Never re-Glaze

Cut and Beveled for the Wood and Putty Look

Media Wrench Bolt

Needless to say, Heirloom Windows took all these criteria into consideration when designing the their product line. The entire exterior face of every Heirloom Magnum, Ultima or Classic window is covered with a full 1/4" of "Tricoya" material. This relatively new material has taken the architectural world by storm! Because it is absolutely maintenance free, won't rot, fade, chip or crack like other materials, architects are specifying Tricoya for all sorts of exterior trim and casing applications. The material is cut to the exact dimensions as the other wooden sash parts and then a bevel is milled into the interior perimeter. This bevel so closely resembles a glazing rebate filled with glazing putty that it's impossible to tell it's not actual glazing putty. Furthermore, after milling the Tricoya parts to match the wooden elements, the Tricoya then just naturally follows original joinery lines, again making it indistinguishable from a totally wooden sash.

Applied to Ensure No Moisture Penetration and Lifetime Service

Media Wrench Bolt

The cladding is adhered to the glass with lifetime warranty sealant being applied to left. Each joint is also back-filled with lifetime warranty sealant prior to assembly (right).These two steps assure moisture is kept from the glass/Accoya/Tricoya interface thus providing lifetime service.